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A Brief Introduction of LNCC

Founded in 1933, Luzhou North Chemical Industries Co., Ltd., LNCC is one of the chemical enterprises in China with a long history. Located in Luzhou, Sichuan Province, it enjoys a convenient and fast transportation. It also has complete infrastructure.

LNCC holds several sub-companies: Sichuan Guifeng Silicone Materials Co., Ltd., Luzhou North Qiaofeng Chemical Co., Ltd. and Luzhou North Dadong Chemical Co., Ltd. It is the top share holder of Sichuan Nitrocellulose Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock code: 002246) the largest nitrocellulose manufacturer in the whole world. Hercules Tianpu Chemical Co., Ltd., a joint venture of LNCC with American Hercules Corporation, has become the largest methyl cellulose manufacturer in China.

The products of the company are categorized into two major series with the trade mark of Double-five: chloro-alkali and silicones (107 silicone rubber, 110 silicone rubber, D4, DMC, methyl hydrogenated silicone fluid, monochloroacetic acid, CPP, sodium hydroxide, methyl chlorides, etc.); cellulose and its derivatives (HEC, EC, MC, HPE, CMC, PAC, etc.). Double-five has become a famous domestic brand of cellulose and cellulose derivative products, which are widely applied in various industries such as oil drilling, food, automotives and construction materials.

With a complete sales network, LNCC has been providing its high quality products to more than 400 companies at home and abroad. With a business philosophy of PEOPLE ORIENTED, HONEST AND TRUSTWORTHY, PURSUIT OF FIRST CLASS,the company would strive to become the world's leading integrated products' supplier, and offer better contribution to the society.